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The GAP Studio is an artist lead  artist collective in a studio space in Morecambe, lancashire.

our aims in short


Make and Collaborate.


Platform Art.


Celebrate Place.

a bit more about our aims


Make and Collaborate Make artwork in the studio. Collaborate with each other. Work with creatives and other organisations to build a supportive network.


Platform Art Organise exhibitions and public projects. Rethink the way art is shown and written about. Normalise contemporary art in the everyday.


Celebrate Place Be inspired by where we live and work. Contribute to the local arts culture with fresh artistic values. Contemporary arts is not just for cities - its future is local.

a lot about our aims


Make and Collaborate We each have individual art practices spanning drawing, painting, digital work and installation, and we use our shared studio space to make art individually. All of our practices investigate place and perception - collaboration emerges out of these meeting points. 

We aim to work with other creatives and organisations. From Morecambe’s local supportive network, to other art communities in the North West. And of course keeping our eyes open to the rest of the world!

Platform Art We’re excited to organise exhibitions in our studio space and in our local area.  We want to expand our experience as curators, focusing on experimental forms of curation, exploring its impact on the viewer. 

It’s hard for emerging artists to show work, therefore we want to find alternatives that empower emerging artists in non-traditional formats. We want to discover new ways to use our practices for public facing contexts; this can be in the shape of events and workshops that stem from our individual artistic enquiries. A public facing side to our practices helps us to maintain a conversation between the public and our art practices. And help to bring art to someone’s everyday life. 

Celebrate Place We made an active choice to live and work in Lancaster & Morecambe. It is a relevant place to be an artist. We live within our own social and physical eco-systems, meaning we each have a network of people and places that fuel our work. We’re excited about the future of where we work, and want to be a part of its growth. 

There is a gap for contemporary art, it is not just for cities - its future is local. In a time where location is being dissolved, contemporary art does not need to sit in a big city. It can still be relevant and connected to the world, even in a remote place. Like the Arndale Centre in Morecambe, between Greggs and Vodafone!