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We have a podcast! Ep 1: Looking Up and Looking Down

We believe that an artist collective is about sharing ideas to fuel creativity. This is why we are launching “Don’t Mind the Gap”, a monthly podcast for the kind of conversations that fill a shared studio space.

Basically expect to hear Georgina and Núria bouncing ideas around about holy art books, current artist obsessions, fave exhibitions, what they're working on and their experience as early career artists.

We'll dive into the space between our distinct art mediums and our experiences working from London and Liverpool, to close the GAP between our ideas.

The first episode “Looking Up, Looking Down” looks at how both of our art practises explore an experiential approach to landscape, but with our attention pointed in opposite directions: Georgina’s paintings reach for architectures of the sky and Núria’s walking-based research stepping on the vibrancy of underground bodies.

We hope you enjoy our excited chatter as we navigate around fresh ideas!

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